Let the Light

Tangled in lines that I've tried to unwind
From a past where I've reached and fallen behind
Now the soles of my shoes are decayed and confused
From the way I've been walking along

Hoping but never quite sure
What if I take a wrong turn?
Tired of missing the mark
It's easy to hide in the dark

There is a light, never grows dim
All that it takes is a shift in the wind
A heart in the heat of a love that will win
Can no longer help but let the light in

Tides will rise and days will die
The more I see I can't deny
That the depths of these bones are aching to choose
A hope that is anchored, deep and unmoved

Cause I'm tired of staying afloat
By hollow distractions I know
Trying to be worthy of love
in a place where it's never enough


Dust builds on this road
A clouded mind I have known
But here walking through these fears
I'm left with one lamp burning