NEW EP 'Dawn' i 11.3.17


Rorie is a singer-songwriter, crafting music that tells stories of both heartache and hope. In July 2016, Rorie released her EP, ‘Singing & Silence,' a collection of songs featuring wistful and uplifting melodies with thought-provoking lyrics. Prior to this, she released a single, “Restore,” which was funded by 98 Kickstarter backers. The song was inspired by her time working for a non-profit organization in NYC, and the accompanying video tells a story of strength and perseverance. In Fall 2017, Rorie will release a new EP, 'Dawn.' Currently residing on the shores of the Potomac by Washington DC, Rorie is writing songs and playing shows as much as possible, with the hopes that you will find a part of the story you love and connect to. 




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