About to release a new single!


- originally published on May 15, 2019 -

Five months ago, I launched this project to record a song that I would then sell to raise funds for two organizations that are fighting human trafficking: Restore NYC and Nomi Network. Since I am super blessed to be able to release the song THIS coming Wednesday, I wanted to give a quick overview of the organizations, why I’m doing this, and how you can be a part of it!


Nomi Network – is the organization that I worked with for about a year in NYC (and I wrote the song while working there). Their mission is to provide training for women who are survivors of human trafficking so that they can become self-sustainable and provide for their children. They currently have offices in India and Cambodia and are doing very challenging but truly amazing work. They have a dream to replicate their model in many places around the world. They currently focus on creating recycled fashion and fair trade so that team members (some of who weren’t able to write their own names when they first started the program) are able to learn skills in sewing, production, and running their own business. There is more information available on their website: nominetwork.org.

Restore NYC – is another NYC based organization that works with women in the city who are over-comers of human trafficking. Nomi Network partners with them, so I learned a lot about what they do, and met some of the people involved. Their mission is to “end sex trafficking in New York and restore the well-being and independence of foreign national survivors.” Something that I learned while presenting this project to them is that “87% of survivors in New York alone are in need of long-term housing and only 4% receive it!” This is not ok!! I wonder, if enough people heard this song and wanted to buy it, then perhaps enough awareness would be raised to help fund more rooms so that women/men/children will have a safe place to live and be restored to all that they are capable of. Their website is at restorenyc.org. Interesting note: I wrote the song and titled it “Restore” before I really even knew about the organization Restore.

What: I am selling the song for the typical 99 cents on iTunes. If 1,000 people download the song, then that’s about $800 that will be donated (iTunes takes a small percentage of the final sales, I am keeping nothing). Our hope is that we can get a lot more than 1,000 people to download. It’s such a small amount of money per person, but if the words and music reach the right ears, it can become such a large amount of money in total.

Why: Before working for Nomi Network, I was aware of the realities of trafficking, and they always upset me. As soon as I started working there, my perspective widened greatly. I was still overwhelmed by the vastness and complexity of the problem, but I now realize that there is work being done, both by survivors and by others who have joined alongside them, and I feel deeply called to support this work through my art in whatever way I can.

When: I’m releasing the song and a music video to go with it this Wednesday, May 20th at 12 noon. Check back at my website and all social media for the links, and please do not hesitate to share with others. In fact, I truly need your help!!!!!

Where: There will be a link at www.facebook.com/roriemusic, a link at my website, or you can search for Rorie in the iTunes store.

How: These organizations always welcome donations or support of any kind. If you are at all inspired by the work being done (or through another local organization that you know of – an example of one in Washington D.C. is Courtney’s House), please donate to them directly. If you are inspired by this song, please share it with your friends and family via social media, or maybe even through a mass e-mail, asking your friends to share it with their friends, etc. And as always, thank you very, very much!!