stories of silver

- originally published October 17, 2018 -

My favorite color used to be lime green. I loved it so much that I even even bought the lime green version of the Ti85 calculator for algebra and calc classes (whenever I got a wrong answer, my teacher would jokingly say, “that’s because your calculator is green.” I did get the right answer sometimes too ;)) People used to tell me that I’d probably change my mind when I got older. Well, maybe that is true. I do have a new favorite “color combo.” It’s one that has found it’s way into apartment decor, the colors I gravitate toward in fashion and photography, and more. Purple + Silver.

I recently learned of Biblical and literary motifs where Silver is a color of redemption, and Purple is a color of royalty. I started thinking about all of the things I knew of that related to silver: a silver medal (second place), silver/gray hair, C.S. Lewis’ book ‘The Silver Chair’ (where there are indeed symbols of redemption, and being set free), the phrase “silver lining,” and the beginning of the story of Les Mis:

The main character and ex-convict Jean Valjean is finally let out on parole, and no one will take him in. He finds his way to a church where he is shown true hospitality. Out of desperation, Valjean tries to escape in the middle of the night with some silver candlesticks. A group of gendarmes finds him and brings him before the bishop, telling him that this man has stolen his silver. The bishop completely shocks Valjean when he proceeds to tell the officers that “the silver was given to him as a gift, and speaking of, he forgot to take the two other silver goblets with him when he left!” After they leave, the Bishop tells Valjean that he must “use this precious silver to become an honest man.” He challenges him to a higher plan for his life, and just like that, Valjean’s life is redeemed. He becomes an influential person who spends a lifetime living in grace, even through some incredibly trying plot twists, and is able to help and show love and compassion to a lot of people.

As a synesthete, I am always fascinated by colors, their meanings, and how they relate to stories, sounds, numbers, etc. I had never really thought about the inner meanings of this color palette that I enjoy so much, but when I realized that there was such cool symbolism, I knew I had to share! Here’s to a wonderful combination of redemption and royalty.

What are your favorite colors and what do they mean/what do they mean to you?