- originally published April 2, 2016 -

It’s been an amazing week full of long days and hard work, but we have a really solid start on a new EP that I already cannot wait to share with you!

Working with Chad Copelin and his team in Oklahoma is incredible. It’s so fascinating to team up with them as we mold my acoustic songs into full arrangements. Their style of composition is so in line with what I have dreamed and imagined, sometimes I think it couldn’t possibly be happening!

Some of the songs we chose are ones that I wrote a couple years ago, and others were written just a few months ago. The contrast between the songs and the stories that they tell are pretty emotional for me. I’ve teared up like twenty times.

It’s also been really cool to experience some of Oklahoma, since I have never been here before (or if I have, then it was just driving through, because I don’t remember). The sky is wide open for miles, and the sun is so bright. These small things, like the landscape, have really impacted my ability to relax and dive into the creativity of this project. This place has been a true creative haven.

Being in the studio is definitely one of my favorite parts about making music. After working temp jobs for the past year that were super monotonous (no offense to temp jobs, it’s good that they exist), it’s soooo refreshing to be working on something that I really, really love to do. The long days fly by and I hardly know where they went. I’m also filming a vlog to share with you soon, so be on the lookout next month! & here are some iPhone photos: