“Storyteller” Video Coming Soon!

- originally published May 9, 2016 -

So there has been a lot going on lately! Two weeks ago, we filmed a video for my song “Storyteller.” I had been planning this video for a while, pinning pins to Pinterest boards and such, so to actually put those ideas into action was amazing!

I had the opportunity to work with Stephen Stonestreet, a super talented photographer/videographer/creative based in Charlottesville, VA. His sister, Lauren Stonestreet, is also an incredibly talented photographer, dancer, and musician, so she joined us on set!

The entire day was such a blessing. We all had to get up super early because we were traveling to a retreat center in the Shenandoah Valley. This place is a hidden gem, and the drive was incredible. At some point, I got off the highway and found myself driving through miles and miles of woods (which was slightly concerning because my wilderness skills are lacking, although I’m working on them, or probably should be…;p). The weather was springtime to the core, full of lime green leaves and colorful flowers. The sky was cloudy and overcast but there were still streams of sunlight cascading through the trees. All this to say, it was simply gorgeous and I can’t describe how much I needed that drive.

Before I got there, however, I stopped in Warrenton to work with my friend Kat Simpson on make-up. Kat and I knew each other when we were kids (we went to church and dance class together!), but it had been so long since we’d gotten to catch up! I found out that she works as a make-up artist with her company, Ruby Fox Artistry. It was such a blast to work with her and to get to catch up after such a long time! We couldn’t stop talking! Huge shout out to her for dealing with our crazy schedule and allowing me to arrive at her house suuuper early in the morning. If you live in the Northern VA area, be sure to check out her website for make-up for weddings, prom, etc!

After arriving at Shrine Mont, we spent the entire day filming and chasing the sun (there were random downpours throughout the afternoon, but nothing that stopped us from filming!). We filmed in lots of awesome spaces on the retreat center campus, and we ended by filming the last shots in the woods.

Stephen Stonestreet is incredibly skilled and passionate in his craft. Like, whoa. My mind was spinning the entire day, and we were all completely exhausted by the end of it! I don’t want to give away too much about the details of the video (which will be out in mid-June!), but here are just a few photos that I managed to get below! The last one was taken by Stephen Stonestreet in-between scenes. Thankful to have met two new friends, been introduced to a beautiful place in this beautiful state, laughed a lot (and actually cried too), and to have had the blessing to create some art.

UPDATE - Video now on YouTube: